How To Keep Away Unwanted Phone Calls

Sometimes we feel the need to block or ignore calls that we get on our cell phones. But often we find that some callers do keep on calling and tend to get on our nerves. We may think that all we need to do is press that red button and the call is gone. But sometimes this does not work and the person calling you may want to know why you did this.

There are applications and services that will help you deal with these problems. you can block calls from certain numbers or even avoid calls from certain areas. What this means that the person calling will still be able to call you but they will get a busy tone or a message saying that you are not reachable. The options mentioned here are for India and the US.

Applications for blocking are mostly the paid versions but they are well worth the cost.

Android application: Mr. Number is great for blocking numbers and for catching calls from telemarketers too. For people you know and still want to avoid you can  either chose to send the call to voice mail or even transmit a text message which will tell them that you are busy and will call later automatically.


Blackberry application: The call blocking facility is missing from Blackberry though you can block Emails and SMS from certain contacts. There is now an application that will help you block numbers in bulk, avoid area based calls, even block when the call is waiting and will work even when you have locked the phone.


Symbian Advance call manager: Application that will let you divert calls, provide busy tone or have a voice greeting. You can even schedule it to change the way it behaves.


iPhone: iBlacklist is an application that will protect your list with password, offers parental controls, allows for multiple lists and you can have busy tone, voice mail and two other options.


Google voice: This is a great solution if Google voice is available in your country. You don’t need to get an application nor do you need to phone your operator for this. You have 3 options – you can send the call to voicemail or put down the number as Spam or fully block the caller so that he gets a “we are sorry” message. You can even view the calls that you did receive if you want to.


AT&T smart control: You have to activate this service for your number by incurring the cost to block as many as 30 numbers and this includes the 411 directory assistance numbers. This means you can keep control on the call that children tend to make.


Sprint allows you to also control the outgoing calls by approving in advance a list on some selected devices.

Solutions provided by operators: India

Airtel:  Airtel Call manager allows you to manage a list online of blocked numbers. There is a comprehensive search that will let you find the number that you have blocked in case you want to unblock it.


Vodafone: This has a feature for filtering calls that will let you block a number by making a call. With the help of Voice interactive menu you can put together a white list and a blacklist and add as you go on to these lists


Do not call registry: This may not be very effective in India as this is dependent on the policy in the country towards telemarketers.  The way to do is to call your operator and request to register your phone number which may take awhile.