How to make your own 3D printed Daft Punk Helemt

3D printed helmet
If you have a passion for 3D printing and would like to put those talents to craft something interesting, then you need to check out this DIY tutorial on printing out a Daft Punk helmet. Adafruit has released a step-by-step guide on how to craft a 3D-printed helmet, which of course also sells the materials required for designing the helmet.

The video below shows the basic process. Just download the design file, customize the helmet to fit your head, and print it out using transparent PLA filament. The entire process of printing will take about 49 hours and 1.2 pounds of PLA filament. Next cover the face plate with a masking tape, for special effect and spray the rest with metallic paint.

Complete the wiring and programming of your LED light strips which will be attached on to the inside of your print. To do so you require two trinket 5V or Pro Trinket 5V microcontrollers with the latter capable of producing strong LED effects.

Noe provides you with clear instructions for the wiring, soldering and programming of your Trinket boards and LED strips. You’ll be the envy of masses at this year’s Halloween parties. For a video demo of the project, watch Adafruit’s video below: