How to Recover Data from Raw Hard Drive


Seagate Shingled Hard Drive

What is Raw Hard Drive

A RAW drive is a disk partition that is either not formatted to the right file system, or the file system is corrupt, thereby making it inaccessible. The RAW hard drive is useless to a user as it cannot be opened without formatting the file system such as APFS or HFS+ for Mac; NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, FAT16, or FAT12 for Windows; and Ext4, Ext3, or Ext for Linux. Apart from the hard drive, data state storage devices such as USB flash drive, solid state drive, and memory card can become RAW.

Indicators for RAW Drive

To know whether your drive has become RAW, check out the given pointers:

  • It will show the drive capacity 0 bytes of free and used space
  • The drive will ask you to format when you try to open it in file explorer
  • The drive shows unusual characters
  • The drive will display an error when you access it on CMD
  • Disk Management shows RAW or no file system
  • The drive when repaired using the “chkdsk” utility throws an error

Why a hard drive becomes Raw Hard Drive

Here are few reasons hard drive can become RAW:

  • Due to bad sector in the key area of the hard drive
  • Due to the corruption of file system structure
  • It has damage to GUID Partition Table (GPT)
  • Due to damage in DOS Boot Record (DBR)
  • Damage to Master Boot Record (MBR)
  • Computer virus
  • Error in formatting
  • Improper drive ejection during data access

What is Impact of RAW Hard Drive?

If a Hard Drive turns RAW and you try to open it, then Windows operating system displays a message box requiring you to format the drive. When you click Format Disk, the drive will be formatted, and all the existing data on the drive/partition will be lost (though you can use the formatted drive to create or store new folders and files). And if you click cancel, then you can use the drive due to the corrupt file system. Both the selections are not in the favour because you want to open the drive with all its data intact.

Data Recovery from RAW Hard Drive

The way out from this predicament is to first do the data recovery from RAW hard drive and then format the drive to the NTFS file system. For this, you can use a professional DIY data recovery software to recover data from a RAW drive. With the help of software you can recover data even if you have accidentally formatted the RAW drive; do not perform any experiment with the hard drive till the final recovery.

If the hard drive has the physical disorder like bad sectors, weak read-write head, weak motor, etc., which cannot be tackled by software means then taking assistance from a professional data recovery service provider is a must. Stellar Data Recovery has the requisite hardware, software, infrastructure, and personnel to recover data in all cases of hard drive failure whether be it logical or physical. Rely on the experience of the provider to get back your data even for the case of RAW hard drive recovery.

Precautionary Measures

Do not hurry in formatting the drive straight away when prompted instead cancel the formatting and try to recover the inaccessible data. Either use a data recovery software or get expert advice from the data recovery service provider. After recovering the data from hard drive, you can format the drive to build a new file system and restore the recovered data back to the drive. It is advisable to regularly back up of your data to avoid data loss situation.

To Sum Up

The blog explains data recovery from Raw Hard Drive is possible and a professional data recovery software can perform hard drive recovery. If software method fails or you want to get back data without going into any troubleshooting process, then getting in touch with an expert data recovery solution provider is indispensable. You can make a call, email, chat, visit the nearest data recovery centre, or request for free hard-drive pickup service, Stellar Data Recovery has all the facility to get your hard drive diagnosis. Till the technical glitch is identified, data is recovered, and the recovered data is verified from your end, no charge is levied.