How to Schedule Your Email and Track when your Sent Email has been Opened

Whenever you want to send any important notice to your clients or any significant documents to your related ones, only you need to do is to send an email to the particular individuals or a group of people. But in most of the times, it’s very important for you to know that weather the recipients have opened your email or not. And in the matter of urgent mails, it becomes the matter of tension and stress.

A plenty of ways are available to know that weather your sent mail is being checked or not. Undoubtedly, Microsoft Outlook provides a good ‘receipt’ feature. With this feature, your recipient can easily send you a return-mail or a notification that they have checked your mail. But it’s totally depend on them weather they want you to know or not because they can also ignore.


Some other solutions of this problem are also good in which you have select the HTML type mail which requires some knowledge about HTML. So it’s also not the suitable idea to use to get rid of this problem. In order to help you in such kind of situations, we are going to introduce RightInbox which not only allows you to know that weather your sent mail is being checked or not but also provide an amazing feature to schedule the timings of sending of email. To use this, you need to have Google Chrome as primary web browser because it’s a Google Chrome extension file.

How to check the sent mail status:

In order to get the proper information about the status of sent mail, then you must have Google Chrome as your primary web browser. If you have Chrome beforehand then follow the following steps:

Initially, download the RightInbox extension file and install it properly.


If the extension file is properly installed then open your Gmail account (press the refresh button if you’ve opened it already).

As you open the Gmail inbox, a pop-up screen will appear. Press the ‘Continue’ button and go behind the provided instruction for the admittance of this to your account.


Here are some more screenshots while the tool is in action.