How to Share Files Easily In-Between Windows & Mac Over Wi-Fi

As all computer users know that file sharing between computers, whether in Mac or Window PCs requires a lot of time. And in case of huge data (in GB), it’s almost very difficult to share. And it’s also very bad idea to transfer the data to another portable hard drive initially, and then transfer the data from hard drive to another PC. But some persons uses the same Wi-Fi connection to transfer files from computer to computer. But that also requires special network settings which are unconditionally complex.

Here we’re allowing you to learn how to transfer heavy files in-between two computers (Computer-Computer, Computer-Mac, Mac-Mac) very easily and rapidly as well. In order to do this, you’ve to download “Any Send” in your device which allows to the share files in very fast speed.

How to Share Files in-Between Windows and Mac?
Share Files Easily In-Between Windows & Mac Over Wi-Fi (1)

As we defined above, Any Send is the application which is the appropriate as well as best answer to your question. And it’s also providing an Android application which help you to share files in- between Mac or Windows and any Android device in very fast speed. But most importantly, both the file sharing devices should be connected with same Wi-Fi connection with each other.

How to use “Any Send”:

Initially, download this astounding application to your device. And you can download it from the official website

Share Files Easily In-Between Windows & Mac Over Wi-Fi (2)

  • After the completion of download, install this application to your device, whether in computer or phone. And the work is almost done!
  • Select the number of files you want to share with another device (computer or phone) and copy the selected files to clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C.
  • And then, click on the ‘Any Send’ icon in the task bar (in Windows) or in the Menu bar (in Mac) and select the other device’s name. With-in some micro seconds, transfer will be start.
  • With this you can also send folders directly to another device without changing its format to Zip. Just follow the same procedure, select the folder and copy it to clipboard. Click on the Any Send button, select the destination computer’s name and send.

Most important thing is that it doesn’t requires any special kind of network setting and provides easy installation features. The Only requirement is that your files sharing devices must be connected to specific Wi-Fi connection.

In order to have any confusion regarding the usage procedure, you can also check the Video Demo which helps you to learn more deeply.

Share Files Easily In-Between Windows & Mac Over Wi-Fi (1)