How to upload photos to Google Cloud Storage using your iPhone

OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 have done a lot to fix a few of the gallery issues with your iPhone, but they lack some features many have been waiting for. The iPhoto app isn’t the best tool either, failing to address issues many have been wanting. This is where Google’s support for automatic photo storage comes in. here, we’ll show you how to use Google Photos cloud storage on your iPhone.

How-to: Use Google Photos cloud storage on your iPhone

The first thing is to sign up  for a Google account. Next, go to the App Store and download the Google+ app for iOS. Stop worrying about adding it to your social rotation or not.

Once you’re done, select the three-bar menu on the top left and hit “Photos”. The app will prompt you for the permission to access your photos. Click ‘ok’ to automatically store all your photos to the cloud. After that, Google takes care of the rest.

You can access your photos on any mobile device that has the Google + app and across any browser. All you need to do is visit the Google Search page, and log-in on the top right. The drop-down menu has an app for photos, where all yours can be organized, downloaded or shared.

How-to: Use Google Photos cloud storage on your iPhone

If you don’t want the auto storage feature, no need to panic. Just select the same three-bar menu as you did earlier, but this time click “Camera and Photos” instead of “Photos”, then click “Auto Backup”. There, you can choose how you want your photos uploaded. Keep in mind that all photos you upload are personal and safe, and can be seen by your friends only when you share them.