How To Use Google’s Keyword Planner

From the SEO point of view, Google Keyword Tool is considered as the dynamic one. Because this tool clearly defines that which keyword we should use for the article with all information about the level of competition of the keyword and number of daily searches. And which not only help our website to achieve good ranking in search engine but also increases the number of daily visitors of our website. But recently Google announced to replace Google Keyword Tool with Google’s Keyword Tool planner. In order to use this, user must have AdWords account.

After the announcement of launch of Keyword planner, Google also explains the set of differences between the Keyword planner and keyword planner. Basically, Keyword planner collects all the information about the keyword from the keyword tool and provides the better search results after some modification. It’ll make SEO harder but provides the easier way to make money for marketers.

On the whole, Google Keyword Planner is completely a different tool than that of Keyword Tool. In this article, we’ll explain perfectly that How To Use Google’s Keyword Planner in better and appropriate way.

If you don’t have any idea about the Keywords, this planner is providing a search section which helps you to make a list sub-divided to three main parts.

  • Keyword Explorer
  • Website Explorer
  • Category Explorer

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Keyword Explorer

In order to use this, you’ve to enter the main keyword towards which your website is centralized or focused. The Keyword planner will automatically generate a plenty of Ad Group Ideas which allows you to inspect the Average Monthly Searches, Competition and average. To explain properly, let’s take the example of “Seattle hotel” as major keyword.

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And if you want to know about the best ideas regarding your entered Keyword, just click on the “Keyword Ideas” option. With which you’ll get a proper list of Keyword ideas with all details like average month searchers, competition and average CPC. And in order to get amazing results, you should prefer those keywords which have maximum Average Monthly searches and low completion.

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To download the complete list of the provided Keyword Ideas, just click on the “downward arrows” situated on the top right corner of the screen.

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Website Explorer

Website explorer allows the users to know that which website is gathering traffic for which keyword. And hence it provides the opportunity to look upon the thinking of your competitors.

Enter the desired website URL into “Your landing page” option and click on the Get ideas option and it’ll show you the list of Ad Groups and Keyword especially for that website.

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Category Explorer

Category explorer creates the list of keyword which are appropriate according to the specific category. As it’s impossible to include all categories in planner so it’s not so much usable for you.

But if you want to get Keyword ideas regarding your category, then the planner will provide the complete list of keyword according to your niche.

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Undoubtedly, Google Keyword Tools is much easier to use than that of Keyword Planner but at-least Google is still providing such kind of tool which provides perfectly defined information for which we’re searching.