How to Use Multiple Skype Accounts On Mac At Once

This article is somewhat of a continuation of the article that covered the subject of how you get to run many instance of any application on your Mac device.  All that is required that you run a script and the process cannot be easier. This applies to even those people who never utilized the AppleScript Editor.

It comes with one warning though – the fact that it may not work on all applications as we mentioned in our last post. Skype has an application that has been identified and pinpointed which will not run multiple instances using this script. This is something that is associated and intrinsically part of Skype and not to do anything with the script.


If you find yourself getting frustrated or disheartened due to this and feel the need to run multiple instances  with connection to Skype, then you need not despair. The trick is to use Multi Skype Launcher. This is a cost free Mac application that will enable you to pull this off.  At present it is in Beta and needs OS X Lion at the least or even higher versions to enable this. This applications works essentially as a launcher for Skype but you can also launch a new instance of this well known application every time you click on it. This works as many times as you click or need to click.

You can even have access and login in to the first instance of Skype as you would usually. But when it comes to further instances then  you need to run Multi Skype Launcher to do so. You will be called upon to provide your password to enable the application to do the changes on your system. You will be You can open and sign in to the first instance of Skype like you normally would but for all subsequent instances, run Multi Skype Launcher. You will be asked to authorize the app to make changes to your system by entering your password. Every time run an instance you will asked to authorize this and give the application permission by typing in your password.

You will find that it takes a few moments for the next or any more instances to get started before staring to run, but once it gets to running mode then one more Skype icon will get added to the instance on to the Menu Bar as well as the Dock. It goes with saying that you need to sign in using different accounts for each instance. Do take care of this and remember to keep the ids and passwords handy while doing so.

The audio reception and outgoing betwixt the many instances will happen at once. There will be no silencing of one when you are using the other. How you manage the multiple audio outputs and inputs is a thing that you have to think of and come up with the right solution. Two instances have been tested on Skype right next to each and it was observed that the reception and transmission of messages was quite normal. If you are Windows user who wants something like this, we suggest that you try out Seaside. This also runs multiple instances of Skype and what is more also allows you save the details of the accounts with which you  sign in.

For some of you, the very notion of running more than one instance of Skype may sound funny but there are those who find this very useful when trying to get in contact with associates without having to switch back and forth.