HTC announces Re Camera – a truly unique and useful device

htc-re camera

HTC is typically associated with smartphones, but the Taiwanese company today revealed the RE Camera, a device that’s not a smartphone at all. Imagine you’re recording your son’s birthday party via your smartphone but the thing is you’ll be missing those sweetest moments of your son turning 5 years old because your focus was at the screen all the time. The Re camera lets you enjoy those moments by offloading the camera work to a small GoPro-like camera but without a screen.

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The $199 Re camera features a 16MP sensor that can record videos in 1080p resolution. It is equipped with 8GB internal storage which can be expanded with additional memory cards. It’s a pretty small device. There is no power button. Instead, it turns on automatically when you grip the handle. And for the most part you’ll be using the shutter button that rests under your thumb – a single press takes a picture, while a long press starts video recording. The LED lights flash red indicating video recording and flash blue for slow motion.  The camera also features a standard tripod mount on the bottom, making it compatible with a slew of existing camera accessories.

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Pairing the Re camera with HTC’s app or an iPhone unlocks new possibilities – transfer images and video over Wi-Fi or use the phone as a remote viewfinder. The 820mAh battery supports continuous video recording for up to 1 hour and 40 minutes or up to 1,200 still images before juicing up.

HTC claims Re will be a truly unique and useful accessory that will draw new eyes to its brand. The Re camera will begin rolling out first in the United States in late October , and will be available in four colors from various retailers including Best Buy.

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Via: Venturebeat