CES 2014: IK Multimedia debuts iRing’ Gesture Controller for Apps

A rumor of 2013 seems to become reality at CES 2014. It was said that there is a possibility of Apple iRing motion controller to make its existence and this possibility in CES 2014 turned into a reality. iRing isn’t made by Apple but by IK Multimedia, a music technology firm that designed this iRing to control their iOS music apps with gestures. You simply move your hand up and down, left and right, or twist it around to control the action.iRing
According to the company, the iRing is capable of controlling not only basic music apps, but also advanced ones designed for those who mix their own tunes. This iRing comes with its couple of apps in which users can create their own tune, add effects, and create non-stop loops. The price of iRing is $25 and will be available in first quarter of 2014 in various music and electronic retailers worldwide. Two apps that work with the iRing – iRing FX/Controller and iRing Music Maker – will be available as free downloads from Apple’s App Store.