Implanted Wireless Device Monitors Intraocular Pressure Safely and Accurately

Measuring a patient’s intraocular pressure plays a vital role in diagnosing and monitoring glaucoma. The measurement techniques with a traditional tonometer are not invasive and, as such, not consistently accurate for all patients, but a new wireless device from Germany’s Implandata Opthalmic Products that was implanted in the eye of a glaucoma patient and monitored for well over a year measured IOP safely and accurately.

IOP-lensAs part of a European clinincal trial,a 60-year-old woman in Lebanon suffering from glaucoma was implanted with a device during the removal of a cataract. She could easily monitor her own ocular fluid pressure and apparently experienced few adverse effects attributable to the device over a study period of 76 weeks, according to the research.


“The device may also allow less frequent visits to have the eye pressure measured, thereby possibly reducing the cost of healthcare for glaucoma patients. The pressure could be taken by the patients at home and sent via the internet to the doctors’ offices,” Dr. Melki said.

“It will also allow measurement of eye pressure in some patients where we cannot measure it right now such as patients who have an artificial cornea,” Dr. Melki added.

Watch the video for more information about the implant.


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