Imprint allows you to make a purchase with the swipe of a Finger


With today’s payment system, 1 in 5 people will have one or the other issue in processing their existing ATMs and credit/debit cards. Kieran Normoyle, Product Design & Technology at the University Of Limerick, Ireland has come up with a new concept that tackles such issues in the payment system.

Imprint is a fast and easy payment system that links a current account to your own fingerprint. Kirean along with Eoin White, design and technology expert after experimenting with a series of prototypes finally arrived at their Imprint model. The smart payment system makes it quite easy for you to pay the bills at a retail store or at a restaurant.

To use the system, one needs to first sign up with the service. Next, the shop assistant will scan your goods and finally you are asked to scan your finger print.

Receipts are auto saved to your imprint account so that you can check your receipts later to learn your purchase statistics on how you spent. This helps in changing your shopping habits.

For extra security, you can use a four digit PIN for bigger transactions. Parents can use the restrictive purchasing option to set limits their child’s purchases over a given period of time. Imprint medic plus is another feature that helps in retrieving a user’s medical history in case of emergency by scanning the casualty’s fingerprint.

Via: DesignCot