Improve quality of air you breathe with world’s first Wearable Air Purifier


Wind Six team in China’s Chongqing municipality has developed the world’s first wearable Air purifier. At first sight, the device looks like a headset with a mic attached, but in reality it purifies the air user inhale. The team leader, Xu Zongyan, said the wearable air purifier is far better than the smog masks, which makes breathing difficult in people and poses risk of secondary pollution. Thus, this device does not cover the face or the ears and expose the nostrils.

The team said the device can filter as much as 99.9% of PM 2.5, the main toxic element in the air and 90% of formaldehyde. Its filter cartridge can be reused after washing off the collected dust particles and requires no replacement.

The industrial grade sensors test air quality and update information on your mobile device via a connected app and notifies you on event of increase in air pollution. The real-time data includes the air-quality, PM2.5 content in air, CO₂ content, temperature and humidity levels.

This intuitive device can also be worn at home while controlling air conditioners. The battery supports the device for around 6-8 hours on single charge but the makers are keen on increasing its battery life to at least 10 hours at a stretch.

Wearable Air Purifier is currently in beta stage and is currently seeking funding to support the device’s production plans. Wearable Air Purifier would be of great use to people living in polluted cities or places with toxic chemicals in the air.


Via: DamnGeeky