Intel promises slimmer and better PC performance with Core M chips

intel_broadwell_Core M chips

Undeniably, wearables are the center of attraction of IFA 2014 expo. Along with these, you can also expect a lot of super-thin tablets and 2-in-1 PCs that are equipped with Intel’s new Core M chips.

At its keynote at IFA 2014 electronics show in Berlin, Intel finally unveiled eight Core M-powered devices that will hopefully be launched during Christmas. In theory, Core M chips are small enough and low-power enough to be accommodated into tablets, but it seems no OEMs have announced any yet. The chips will be squeezed into more number of devices next year, said Andy Cumins, mobile platform marketing manager.

With the new Core M chips, Intel promises to deliver faster CPU performance by 50 percent, faster graphics performance by 40 percent and extended battery life up to 1.7 hours. In addition, an upgraded “platform” will include additional features such as improved wireless display (“Wi-Di”) 5.0, and wireless docking, and “smart sound” technology. A spinoff of the Broadwell chips for desktop PCs, known as the “Broadwell U,” will begin production before year’s end, shipping as part of Intel’s Core brand early in 2015.

Since, Intel switched over from a 22-nanometer process with Haswell to a 14-nanometer manufacturing process with Broadwell, this newer class of hybrid computing devices will be both thinner and lighter than was previously possible for a full fledged PC. To be more specific, Intel says some of these devices will measure as little as 7mm thick, though the company has mentioned that not every Core M device will be as thin as that iPad Air. To make all this possible, the company has taken care to reduce the size of components. The motherboard itself is reduced to 25 percent; the die size, meanwhile is 37 percent. It is the first performance part from Intel that can be safely used in fanless designs that are less than 9mm thick.

As of now, Intel has not disclosed the price of the Core M chips. But the company is announcing three variants of the CoreM- 5Y70, 5Y10a and 5Y10. The key difference is the clock – 2.6Ghz for the 5Y70, while the others are 2.0Ghz. All these chips are dual-core, four thread processors but expect some other variants as time goes on.

Via: PC World