CES 2014: Intel unveils ‘Jarvis,’ which can understand voice commands

Intel unveils JarvisIntel is doing everything to be at forth front at CES 2014. Intel unveiled ‘Jarvis,’ a smart but odd-looking Bluetooth headset. According to Intel, this Bluetooth headset is designed and shaped in a way that it adjusts quite comfortably on users ear and provide them a ease.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said,

“Make everything smart.”

Jarvis can understand all your voice command and can be aptly supported by the Android app. This headset Jarvis also give directions, set appointments/reminders and look for restaurants among other things, all that  is done by Siri and Google till date.

It is quite a smart technology unveiled by Intel; however, as of now Jarvis is just a design. We hope that this design or rather concept by Intel soon comes to a reality.
Intel with its technologies like Edison microcomputer and smart wireless charging bowl has hence proved that it has great plans for a future with its smart technology.