Intel’s 14nm Cherry Trail Chips for Tablets are finally here

Following the announcement of its fifth generation Broadwell class core processors for traditional PCs, Intel has also taken the wraps off its Cherry Trail platform: the next generation Atom processors which will be the successor of its current Bay Trail chips that ship in low-end tablets and hybrid devices.

Intel gives cheap tablets a boost with new Cherry Trail chipsIntel originally announced that it would have the next generation 14nm Atom processor in tablets by the end of 2014, so the company is roughly on track with that schedule. Those tablets will ship during the first half of 2015, and is showcased at the CES 2015.

The new processor is likely to have twice the number of graphics core and offer more battery life and general compute performance than its current processor while keeping power usage in check. The Cherry Trail basic video architecture remains the same as Intel’s other new CPUs, just with fewer of its “execution units” (EU).  Unlike the Intel HD 5500 and Intel HD 6000 which have 16 EUs and 48 EUs, the Cherry Trail GPU is said to include only 16 EUs. This gives you a better chance of experiencing 3D games and high-resolution videos on low-end tablets without hiccups.

Finally, Intel says that Cherry Trail will be able to play nicely with Intel’s XMM 726x-series LTE modems to provide cellular connectivity while you’re away from WiFi. Cherry Trail will also take advantage of Intel’s RealSense depth camera technology for gestures and object recognition. No wires, no password but the new processor would include Intel’s Context Aware technologies that will try to intelligently extract data from multiple sensors to improve computing experience. You’ll learn about the Cherry Trail’s specs in detail closer to when the final products hit store shelves.