Looking for wearable technology? How about the “Internet Controlled LED Necktie”

Today, people want so many things in wearable technology. So, Hector Urtubia decided to give it a shot with a six-LED necktie.

Internet Controlled LED Necktie

It used to be difficult to make an Internet connected device without spending time and putting in a lot of effort. Well, then the Pinoccio came along! It is just a miniature compatible board having wireless internet connectivity built right in. Also, it comes with a rechargeable battery! If you have a little experience with Arduino programming, the tie is really easy to get running.

Internet Controlled LED Necktie

The tie makes use of 6 NeoPixels which are chainable, addressable and current regulating RGB LEDs. Hence, the whole chain of LEDs only needs one digital pin-out on the Pinoccio. For the pixels to interact directly from the web or API, Hector has written a library which will extend the Pinoccio’s scripting environment.

Hector hooked up the tie to his MIDI keyboard to demonstrate it. Watch the video below and enjoy!