Top 10 New Thrilling Features of iOS 8

Now, while people are still curious about the hidden features of iOS 8, why don’t we just take a look at the open features since Apple’s official announcement? Well, there are like, more than ten features in iOS 8. But just to keep things to a limit, we have just made a video of some really good features.

 Top 10  New Thrilling Features of  iOS 8

In the video, they maybe some features which may not be that interesting, but they will be definitely useful and they look really good for iOS 8. Just take a look at the video to check out some of the features of iOS 8.

You might have gathered that Apple is a bit slow when it comes to competing with other mobile’s software features. But, due to iOS 8, we can now reply quickly and also add system-wide custom keyboards.

Along with the quick reply feature, iOS 8 has another feature called Tap to Talk. This feature allows you to respond to a message with an audio clip or even a video recording.

Below are listed few of the excellent features iOS 8 has to offer. You can click on feature to have a detailed overview.

  • Quick Reply (Banners and Alerts)
  • What are you favorite features in iOS 8?
  • Audio/Video reply
  • Do Not Disturb For Messages
  • New Mail app options
  • Spotlight Suggestions
  • Photos app editing features
  • “Hey Siri” command
  • Favorite and recent contacts in app switcher
  • Edit Notification Center features

What are you favorite features in iOS 8?