iPhone 6 selfie camera eclipsed by Crescentgate issue

Apple’s much-hyped iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been plagued with some kind of technical issues since launch in September. Recently, Apple iPhone 6 Plus users had complained of the phone being prone to getting bent easily in their pockets as they were too slim, sparking a global ‘Bendgate’ scandal.

Crescentgate in iPhone 6_1

Other users discovered their hair getting strangled in the casing, leading to ‘Hairgate.’ Earlier, the new phones were through the media ringer for having easily scratched screens, problems with rear-facing cameras, and constant crashes or reboots.   Apple had faced the same brunt two months ago when it had to pull an update to its iOS 8 operating system.

Now, another issue that has cropped up for Apple’s users is about the phone’s misaligned front-facing camera causing a noticeable grey crescent corner peeing at them.

Users started noticing that after a week of using the device, the ‘selfie’ camera seems to be liable to moving within its housing, which results in a grey area appearing on the right side of the camera. The users have named the defect ‘Crescentgate’ for the shape being similar to crescent and the issue came to attention when users started posting about it on Reddit.

Crescentgate in iPhone 6_2

A Reddit user said he and one of his friends had the same issue with their iPhone 6 and wondered if anyone had the same experience.

Reddit post was Immediately flooded with comments. One commenter said that he had same issue but got the phone replaced within a week. Some said they had got their phone’s camera properly aligned. Also, everyone agreed that it was a minor problem with the casing rather than the camera, so photos were not affected so far.

Apple hasn’t figured out what is causing the problem. Users are also reporting the problems on iFixit. Apple claims to offers its users the choice of replacing their screens, which will fix the Crescentgate issue, or a complete replacement of the defected device. However, the company recommends screen replacement if a user hasn’t taken data backup posing less risk for data loss.

Via: iAppleHow