J-Deite quarter transforms itself from a sports car to a walking humanoid robot

J-deite Quarter

Meet the transformable robot ‘J-Deite quarter’, which can morph from a speeding car into a walking humanoid robot. Japan’s robot designers Wataru Yoshizaki of Asratec and Kenji Ishida of Brave Robotics unveiled the 4-foot tall transformer robot at the annual Digital Content Expo in Tokyo.

The J-Deite can morph itself into a 1.3m long sports car that can drive up to 6mph. The transformer robot which is one-fourth of its planned size weighs 77lbs and is controlled by Asratec Corp. software called V-Sido. In its humanoid form it travels at a speed of 0.6mph.

As of now, the J-Deite is just a prototype with no plans for mass production. The goal of Projet J-Deiter is to produce a 8-foot-tall robot, J-Deiter Half by 2016, and the full-scale 16-foot-tall King J-deiter by 2020. The video below shows how quickly J-Deiter transforms into its car form.

Via: Hackaday