Japan is Armed with Fastest Growing Drone Fleet

Japan is now in a position it hasn’t been in for nearly 70 years, when it decided to remain a peaceful nation. All that changed last month when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ended the ban that has kept the military from fighting abroad since 1945. And do you know what the country’s next move was? It started buying drones.

Long constrained by the post-war constitution, Japan’s armed forces will become more aligned with the militaries of other advanced nations in terms of its options.

“For the period 2014-2023, our forecasts show that they [Japan] are looking to build three Global Hawk drones, in addition to missile detecting UAVs, to deter possible threats of nuclear attack from North Korea and the advancing military strength of China,” the analyst, who requested anonymity to speak candidly on issues related to agency clients, said. “They [Japan] are progressing their indigenous design and development capability at a rapid pace and could actually meet their objectives even before fiscal year 2020.”

The forecast would represent 300 percent increase in investment over the next decade.

World's Fastest-Growing Drone Fleet Is in Japan

The United States has aided Tokyo in its efforts to re-arm, deploying two unarmed Global Hawk long-range surveillance drones in May to a base in Northern Japan, which infuriated both China and North Korea.

One expert even says that the likelihood of a drone battle in coming years is “very high.” It’s unclear what the human involvement will look like, but an all out robot war sounds horrifying enough.

Via : gizmodo