Japanese mechanical pencil is alternative to breaking lead pencils


Well, we all have to agree, from children to adults, each and every person is dependent on pencils for work. And, we all would have come across that frustrating situation where the leads keep breaking even at the slightest pressure. So, to overcome that, a writing instrument maker from Japan – Zebra, has developed DelGuard mechanical pencil. This Japanese mechanical pencil is found to be about five times tougher than those pencils which we normally use.

The company said that it would start selling its mechanical pencils from the 12th of November. The pencil comes with two springs in its tip which thereby leads to the absorption of pressure from different angles. According to Zebra, the lead would never break under normal use. The Zebra pencils have a plastic and metal casing. And, they have a replaceable lead which can be extended when the point wears out after use. The pencil can bear at least 5 kilograms of weight.

Spokesman Tomoo Ikeda reported that the project kicked off 5 years ago in the year 2009 and their goal was to get rid of what people find annoying about mechanical pencils. The DelGuard mechanical pencil is said to be available for 450 Yen i.e. $4.15 in 6 different colors. And, according to Press Release, Zebra plans to sell more than 2 million of these DelGuard pencils in the first year of sale. You can see the sample video here where Zebra starts out by showing the tip of a regular mechanical pencil breaking less than 1 kg of pressure and then shows DelGuard bearing about 5 kg of pressure.

Via: DamnGeeky