Jawbone’s most advanced fitness trackers have landed – UP3 and UP Move

Jawbone UP3 and Up move

Jawbone has launced two new fitness trackers – the UP3 and the UP Move. With its atleast devices, Jawbone is trying to appeal to anyone and everyone interested in tracking their health using a wearable device. Unlike the latest fitness tracker models, Jawbone’s latest bands still don’t have a display or notification features that are popping up on competitors such as the Microsoft Band and the Fitbit Charge HR.  Instead, they incorporate a few LED icons that indicate how close you are to your daily goal.

By keeping the device screen-free, the Jawbone UP3 is a slim feature-packed wearable and significantly smaller than its previous UP24 model but more importantly it looks fashionable. The $179 UP3 is equipped with accelerometer for measuring movement, skin and ambient temperature sensors plus a series of sensors to measure what’s known as bioimpedence.

Bioimpedence allows the device to track heart rate, respiration and hydration and galvanic skin response. The UP3 has a watch-style clasp that helps in adjusting the size of the band and secures it in place. The battery lasts up to seven days of tracking in one charge. It can withstand water up to 10 meters deep.

Jawbone UP3

The higher-end device will detect resting heart before daily stresses and caffeine kick in. The Jawbone’s new smart Coach gives you personalized guidance to live a better tomorrow. With the UP3, Jawbone says it has created a fashion-friendly fitness tracker that users won’t mind wearing all day. The UP3 will be available in three colors: black, red and silver. It is capable of detecting different phases of sleep and improves the quality of your sleep. The UP3 is scheduled to go on sale sometime in 2014, but the date hasn’t been confirmed.

At the lower end Jawbone has introduced the UP Move. Priced at $50, the new wearable is powered by Motion X technology and connects wirelessly with Jawbone’s UP App via Bluetooth. The device can either be clipped to clothing or worn as a wristband-like accessory. The small gadget is able to track your steps, exercise, and calories burned as you go through the day. The UP Move also hooks up with the Smart Coach which offers you tips and feedback. The battery lasts up to six months on single charge. The wearable is scheduled to go on sale later this week.

Via: TheVerge