Jetgrill makes your meal healthier and taste better


Inspired by the jet engines, jet grill is designed in Czech Republic. The innovative charcoal grill is perfect for healthy grilling and also easy to maintain.

In traditional grills you may notice the release of carcinogenic substances. They are formed due to decomposition of dripping fats under high temperature heat while using wood coal. Finally, the fumes get back on the food and contaminate. But with jet grill, the fireplace grill is located on the side and the fat that drops gets collected in the vessel bottom. Thus your meal tastes great and is free from malignant substances.

Cooking food by using jet grill is quick and easy. Simply load the side fireplace with wooden barbecue charcoal and put the fire on. Next, set it on fire. The heat that rises powers the propeller. The spit with your food is attached to the propeller and grill bottom, and rotates uniformly for a perfectly cooked meat, fish or gyro. The vessel that collects the dripping fat can be easily removed after you have finished grilling and cleaned.

Moreover, the jet grill operates without using external power source like the electric motor. It is priced at $240 and is available in five colors.

Via: Gizmodo