Keyboardio – butterfly-shaped keyboard that eliminates need for mouse


The traditional keyboard was designed with professional typists in mind. Not hands. Some important keys were placed under the weakest fingers, making operation so uncomfortable that Caps Lock was introduced. Most keyboards remain unmodified from this 19th century design, even though we’re using it more than ever.

Jesse Vincet and Kaia Decker are the two minds behind Keyboardio.  Keyboardio is a peripheral designed with humans in mind. The peripheral has a butterfly shape which places letters and numbers within easy reach so as to put more emphasis on the opposite thumbs. Hands are placed in a natural position so your wrists and shoulders can relax. Vincent’s design puts keys like ctrl, delete, shift and alt under the user’s left and right thumbs, taking the load of peripheral toggling off of the pinky finger.

Vincet say’s the Keyboardio design eliminates the mouse by using the function key to map the WASD keys to general cursor movement and using other keys to tell mouse to move to a specific area on the screen. Engadget has more details on Vincet’s design and functionality. This would allow typists to control the cursor without jumping to and from mouse and keyboard.Either way, Keyboardio is probably a comfortable tool for those who type.