Kohler C3-230 transforms regular toilet into a bidet to ensure perfect cleaning

Kohler C3-230 Using a toilet paper to hose off your derriere may sound unhygienic since it doesn’t clean as perfectly as water does. So, if you’re ready to make a big change for a healthier behind, you might want to consider the Kohler C3-230.

Installing Kohler C3-230 is as easy as replacing a new toilet seat. This replacement toilet seat comes with an easy-to-use touchscreen remote that allows you to adjust and set all your personal preferences, from water temperature and pressure to seat temperature, along with an automatic dryer to ensure things are perfect and dry before you disembark. It is also equipped with a set of soft glowing LEDs that help you see in the dark.

Kohler C3-230-1

The bidet uses ultraviolet light for regular sanitation, while a built-in deodorizer works to keep the odors under control. Pricing hasn’t been disclosed, but while most certainly pricey, it’s probably one of those ‘pay for itself in the long run’ deals.

Via: Gizmodo