CES 2014: Bluetooth Toothbrush that gives you information about your oral hygiene

CES 2014 has unveiled many gadgets, which has raised an expectation bar for consumers in electronics. A digital Bluetooth Toothbrush (Kolibree) has been unveiled at CES 2014, which gives you information about your oral hygiene. Kolibree Toothbrush is the world’s first connected electric toothbrush which have bluetooth connectivity. Kolibree’s smart toothbrush has a unique technology which keeps a track of your oral hygiene and includes tracking how long you have brushed for.
Kolibree Toothbrush
Kolibree‘s Bluetooth Toothbrush will be a great invention for those who care a lot about health and want to know about the internal health of their mouth. For few it will look extra curable but for those who keeps on tracking their health, fitness, calorie intake, sleep,Bluetooth Toothbrush is a device to be added in a list.