Kromennie is first city in the world with solar-powered bike lane

solaroad-bike lane

The world’s first solar bike lane has been constructed at Krommenie, a city about 25 kilometers from Amsterdam. This pilot project is 70 metres long, and soon will be stretched over 100 meters by 2016. The bike lane by SolaRoad is composed of rectangular concrete blocks that feature solar cells, and is shielded by one-inch thick sheet of glass strong enough to withstand a truck.

SolaRoad informs that even this small distance is capable of generating enough green electricity to power three homes though it is 30% less efficient than roof-mounted solar panels, as these panels can be oriented towards the sun for maximum light absorption.

Ultimately, SolaRoad aims at installing solar panels on all roads so as to generate enough electricity to power everything from street lights to electric vehicles, homes, businesses and other power consuming objects.

The bike lane is set to operate on November 12. So far, the cost of the project totals to €1.5 million and the researchers behind the construction think that it would require as much as €3 million by the time it’s completed.

solaroad solar bike lane