Kurt Plubell’s Executive Keyboard with Gaming Features

Hi guys, now compare the keyboard you’ve been using with this new one. Sadly, your keyboard design doesn’t match with this, but if you are good at working with wood and metal, you could make your keyboard look like this one.

Kurt Plubell, an architectural draftsman had put in lots of efforts in designing this wonderful keyboard. He started a few years ago when he left his T-square and began using CAD for his work. His biggest complaint about CAD? Ergonomics! He always wanted to work in a most comfortable way.
Gaming Keyboard Features Incredible Workmanship

He started his experiment with the ErgoDox keyboard, which includes two parts. He first bought an aluminium version but was not satisfied with its design. He thought that he could integrate it with something else and make it more appealing.  A lot of sandpaper, die grinding and polishing in the end made the keyboard look awesome.

Source: flickr

The keyboard was designed using wood and MDF, and finally finished with a very nice wood veneer, giving a executive look to the keyboard. He also added four arcade buttons and Kensington track ball in the centre- and of course, being a professional typist, his keys lacks markings.