Launch of Wine Software for usage on Google’s Android Platform

A brief about what is Wine: Wine is a compatibility layer that enables the running of a few applications from Windows on operating systems that are not of Windows. It has been reported that are a couple of connected and intriguing undertakings in the Wine universe currently. One being that the creators are altering Wine to work on equipment with ARM-based processors the other one being Wine is being modified to work on Android.

It goes without saying that both these new developments are in tandem as most Androids today make use of ARM-based chips. This means the success of this project would impact the use of applications that apply to desktop on mobile devices. But we have to remember that Wine wasn’t totally harmonious with software for Windows.

Now a Port of this software for use on Androids has been demonstrated at Brussels after the FOSDEM talk.


  • The original developer of Wine Software that will enable the use of Applications from Windows on other platforms including Linux continues to work on this project

  • Now you can use Wine on Android making it mobile, flexible and easy to use on the move

  • This means that more and more commercial applications may be possible on mobile devices


  • At the demonstration the speed and performance of the Wine running on Android was very slow. This has been credited to the fact that the Wine implementation was running on an emulated Android environment rather than from a bare metal device

  • The product and its uses can be numerous but only after the performance has been proven. The work on this is totally at a nascent stage and much progress has to take place for practical and easy usage.

Winulator makes it possible to run some classic Windows games on Android devices. Overall this is going to be an interesting space to watch.But, wine is developed by volunteers and a free software. Overall, this is going to be an interesting space to watch.
Source: Phoronix