Leggage Laptop case serves as a foot massager for you

Leggage Laptop case-1

The only bad thing you’ll experience on a long flight is that you cannot comfortably stretch out your legs, and at the end of a long stressful flight you may find it difficult to get back into your shoes because the feet have swollen up due to lack of activity. Leggage is a unique laptop case that offers comfort to travelers who are on the go most of the time.

Its innovative design offers relaxing massage to your feet. The designers took two years to craft this sleek and eye-catching laptop case it is now for sale. The ridged exteriors can flex to low or high angle with the surface offering you up to 9 different massaging positions. Just place Leggage under your feet and rub your feet over it, this helps in promoting blood circulation and helps you relax in comfort. In addition to your laptop, you can also carry other stuff like passport, headphones, snacks, a tablet, and other essential accessories in this bag.

Once you reach your destination, use the leather padded handle to carry it along or hang it over your shoulder with the help of removable and adjustable ergonomic shoulder strap. Chic isn’t it?

Leggage Laptop case-2

Via: Gizmodo