Levitating Wireless Computer Mouse Challenging Newton’s Law of Gravitation

Human nature of getting better has given us so much. Technology has grown very fast in past 20 years. As a 90’s Kid, It was just a few years ago when I had my first Personal Computer. Handling a mouse was quite fun, then the laser Mouse has been introduced and we enjoyed lagging free reactions.


But soon it got replaced by wireless mouses and technology again shown it’s nature of getting better. But what next? I think a company with limitless visions has the answer.  KIBARDINDESIGN designed a mouse which can do everything what we need, while FLOATING in the Air. I know it sounds weird but the design is challenging Newton’s law of Gravitation.

Situated in Czeck Republic, Company started by Vadim Kibardin, a Russian designer. The company’s vision is to make daily use products in a futuristic and creative way like Arm Chair with a built in armrest/draw/lamp function and an iPhone case that includes a USB flash drive and an “Earphone Wire Organizer”. But, their recent product is taking their vision to next level.


They named it BAT, a computer mouse which Levitate through the power of Magnetism up to 40mm from the base, which is movable, connected with a wire. Here is the official description of the product.

  • Model: Levitating Wireless Computer Mouse
  • Design: Vadim Kibardin 2012
  • Power Supply: universal AC adapter, input 100-240V, output 18V 
  • Levitation Height: 0g – 40mm, 1000g- 10mm
  • Case material: ABS plastic 
  • Color: black or white
  • Dimensions: W135mm x D145mm x H40mm
  • Dimensions Base: W240mm x D240mm x H20mm
  • Set Weight: 2000g
  • Manufacturing: Netherlands, China
  • Status: testing period and research market



The product is not available to purchase as the company mentioned in status of “testing period and research market”. But, it’s not hard to assume that you have to spend a big money to try your hand on this because of it’s extra ordinary capability to levitate.