LG speakers you can control via text message


LG Electronics has now revolutionized music experience with their speakers which can actually be controlled through text messages. The Music Flow speaker system is showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The row of new speakers will be able to acknowledge text message commands through this service called Line. Well, we are all already familiar with controlling the tech gadgets with our smartphones as remotes. But, LG has taken this a step further with the text-message controlling.

The text message will not only be able to skip, pause and play songs, but it is also capable of telling the speakers what kind of music you are in mood for! Now, isn’t that something? For example, just think that some line in your message reads ‘play music for the party’. With this, the system will switch to your party playlist. In case you are in for music only for a short amount of time, say an hour or so, you could simply tell it to turn the music off after an hour.

LG also plans to get rid of the annoying connecting procedure that people currently undergo with Bluetooth technologies. Surely, we all have gone through the trouble of pairing devices and finally somehow ended up getting connected to a neighbor’s printer. Although this sounds funny, it definitely is irritating.

However, LG’s brand new speakers will be able to detect when actually a smartphone or a tablet is about a foot away and then it will involuntarily connect to it and play the same music which would’ve been playing on the phone. So, in case you are listening to a particular song on the subway ride home, when you enter your house, the same song will immediately start playing from your Wi-Fi Sound Bar.

The Music Flow line is elegantly designed to suit the taste of the modern consumer who appreciates chic simplicity and clean lines. According to the press release, the complete line of speakers includes advance Wi-Fi Sound Bars, LG’s first battery powered Wi-Fi Speaker and the Streaming 3D Blu-ray Player. Also, all these items are designed to be compatible with iOS devices and Android.

Via: Mashable