Livemap’s Smart Helmet Receives $270,000 Grant Development

Livemap, a small Russian tech startup, has built a distinctive motorcycle helmet. It is a piece of kit which will definitely assist all kinds of bikers. This wearable will come equipped with voice control and built in GPS navigation. Livemap plans to complete the final prototype of its device by next spring and plans to begin marketing the helmet in the US by summer.

Russian Startup Livemap Lands $300K Grant For Its Motorcycle Helmet With Built-In NavigationWith this helmet, you will be able to drive as well as see your direction in your helmet’s display without having to fiddle with some other device and without having to take your eyes away from the road. The helmet is lightweight, carbon fiber-based helmet, inspired by the fighter pilot helmet’s heads up display. It will be equipped with an Android based operating system, voice based interface control and an LTE 4G internet connection. One can charge the helmet via USB.

This helmet was designed keeping in mind that the usual navigation system is quite unsafe for motorcyclists as they will have to keep looking away from the road in order to figure out where exactly their destination is. This in fact, is very dangerous if there is no crash protection.

Livemap revealed its prototype helmet last January and it has been working mostly on the optics used to project the image since then. It said that it has been aiming for something which is lightweight, small and cheap. After US, Livemap intends to release their helmet to other countries like Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, South Korea and to the European countries.

The pricing structure for the product still has to be finalized. The initial price is $20,000. Recently, the company received $270,000 approximately as development grant from the Russian Ministry of Science Federal Target Program. In search for further financing, the company has made the helmet available for $1500 on pre-order.

Via: TechCrunch