Logbar’s Bluetooth Ring Is Like a Magic Wand on Your Finger

We have seen many advance technologies now such as wristband monitoring heartbeat, interactive rings but here’s something more than that as a new ring leapfrogs the rest by acting as a full-on control mechanism. Logbar’s Ring is not much different from other simple silver rings that you would have seen in a market but it is packed with electronics that allow it to recognize your finger gestures and control any number of devices.

Logbar CEO Takuro Yoshida gave a detailed demonstration of the silver interactive device last year in San Francisco, and now Ring is available for purchase through a Kickstarter campaign.
Bluetooth Ring
This Ring is magical because the way it works anyone can get astounded with this ring. As we said that this ring by recognizing finger gestures, so it allows you to write a text message by simple drawing it in a air and the same dynamic allows the wearer to access apps by drawing designated shapes in the air. For example, drawing a music note could access your music player, while drawing an envelope shape would allow you to access your email.

The ring also features the Bluetooth device for mobile payments via GPS or iBeacon, and as a controller for televisions and lights in smart homes. According to the company, it has tested Ring with devices spanning a wide spectrum of currently available, bleeding-edge hardware, including the Pebble watch, quadcopter drones, and even Google Glass.

This Ring comes with a button at its side and by pressing g that button you will start getting alerts. You can either receive these alerts by putting this ring on vibration mode or view the discreet little LED pinpoints near the button port.

According to the device’s developers, Ring can perform up to 1,000 gestures before its battery needs to be recharged.

Bluetooth Ring
There are few short comings in this Rings , to start with it is not waterproof. So, you cannot wash your hands having this ring in your finger and if in case you do it get ready to face consequences. One more shortcoming that will make you think before you buy this ring and that is its battery, yes Ring’s rechargeable battery is not replaceable which means once your battery stops charging that you have to buy another new ring for your finger. The cheapest early bird version of the device sold for $145, and during Yoshida’s presentation last year he mentioned hopes of getting the device down to the $100 range.

At launch, the Ring app will only be available for iOS and Android devices, but the company has plans to release a Windows Phone version.

Via : Mashable