Logbar’s Smart Ring lets you control your linked devices


Logbar, a Japanese company has launched a cloud control smart ring that lets the wearer shortcut everything. In other words the ring enables the user to control everything wirelessly- their smartphone, smart home appliances, Google Glass, smartwatch and other digital-enabled interactions.

Wear the Ring on your index finger, press the small button on the device and wave your finger in the air. Within seconds, Ring’s finger gesture technology lets you post on Facebook and Twitter, compose or reply to text messages, take a photo, control home appliances, play music, pay bills, turn on your TV, etc. ring’s associated app also allows you to add customized gestures. Vibration and LED lights on the smart Ring also send users notifications from their cloud devices. In fact, Logbar’s smart Ring is compatible with devices spanning a wide spectrum of currently available, bleeding-edge hardware, including the Pebble Watch, quadcopter drones and even Google Glass.


Logbar’s jewelry can perform up to 1,000 gestures before it runs out of battery. The only problem with the Ring at this point is the fact that it’s not waterproof. That could limit the wearers from using the Ring in mobile environments during bad weather, or even at your home, when you forget that you’re wearing the Ring when you go to wash your hands.

Also, once you’ve a problem with the Ring’s battery, it’s gone forever because Ring’s rechargeable battery cannot be replaced. You’ll have to buy a brand new Ring. The device was successfully funded as a kickstarter project and is priced at $269.99.

Via: Designboom