Logitech K480 keyboard supports up to 3 different Bluetooth devices simultaneously


If you are looking for a keyboard that supports typing on multiple devices, then you might want to consider Logitech K480 Keyboard designed by Feiz Design Studio. Multi-Device Bluetooth keyboard helps you merge all the various devices you’re likely to use during the day. Imagine you’re busy with some stuff on your PC, and you receive a text from a friend on your smartphone.


Each device has its own keyboard and you have to switch between each one as you work. That doesn’t have to be annoying anymore. The K480 keyboard allows you to reply to your friend with the same comfortable, familiar typing experience you’re used to and get back to the stuff on your PC with the simple flick of a dial.


The new keyboard has a built-in cradle that holds your smartphone/tablet at the ideal range for typing. It can connect up to three different Bluetooth wireless devices at a time. To switch between devices you simply turn the “Easy-Switch” on the left to choose a device number and start typing. We tested this and it worked excellent.



The keyboard is more or less similar to previous Easy-Switch Logitech keyboards, such as the K760 or K810, but the only difference is that the new K480 includes a smartphone/tablet cradle that holds the devices. The K480 will hit the stores this month in the US and Europe and will be available in white and black colors. It will cost an estimated $49.99.

Via: Design-milk