LokLok Allows Friends to Exchange Notes, Drawings, Photos and Doodles Directly from their Lock Screen

Your phone’s lock screen is used to keep strangers out of your messages, but a new messaging tool turns this idea on its head. LokLok , as this latest app is called is effectively a synchronized whiteboard, allows friends to exchange messages and drawings with each other’s lock screens. That means, unlike traditional messaging apps, you don’t have to unlock your phone and launch an app to chat with your friends.

New Messaging App : LokLok

LokLok says it’s looking to push experiments around unconventional messaging one step further. “The idea is to use the first interaction that a user has with his phone for the communication process,” explains creator Guillermo Landin, who works as a UX director for Portugal-based Kwamecorp.

“I was curious to see if I could use the screen as the communication channel itself,” continues Guillermo. Around six months ago, he created a prototype of the app based on widgets and HTML 5 canvas, then Guillermo brought in a small team to work specifically on the project, which has been, until today, in private beta testing on the Android app store.

Users are asked to select a group of friends with whom they’d like to use LokLok. An extra layer is then added to their device’s existing lock-screen on which notes and doodles can be shared.

Landin tells us the reviews are going up the rating scale so far during htis launch period. Users can set up multiple different groups with whom to use the app.

On the surface, this kind of thing seems to be possible only on Android but not on iOS. However, Landin says an iOS version is already in progress, but the team doesn’t have a release date for it yet.

Just like other messaging apps currently available, LokLok app retains only the latest image from each group on the server, so when users clear their screens, the messages are lost forever.

LokLok for android is available for Free Download on Google Play.