Long ma – 46-ton fire-breathing horse dragon

Fire breathing horse in France

The Dragon-horse is also known as Long ma, long meaning Dragon and ma meaning horse. The credit for crafting this 46-ton fire-breathing sculpture horse dragon goes to French artist Francois Delaroziere and his art team La Machine.

Fire breathing horse in France-1

The amazing sculpture stands 40 feet tall. The video below demonstrates how the dragon is supported by a lower structure and operated by about 8 people shouting back and forth at each other so that they all know what they’re doing. It looks like the operators are operating the limbs, head and other parts individually.

Long ma horse-dragon

Long ma breathes out huge flames of fire, and was designed to be gifted to China to commemorate the 50th anniversary of French-Chinese diplomatic relations.

Long ma horse-dragon-1

Via: Boredlists