Lost Admin Password & Email Retrieval Is Not Functioning: Fix it Guide by Geek for WordPress Users

If you are a webmaster or web enthusiast and you are using WordPress as microblogging platform, then it’s common thing for you to face problems while using WordPress  ‘Lost admin password and email retrieval is not functioning’ is considered as the most common and most popular problem among the WordPress users. It arises when the users forgot the password but don’t get any password creating email even after entering the email address in ‘Lost your password?’ option.

As WordPress is getting more and more popular, hence it becomes a significant task for wordpress to maintain the security properly. And this problem is just just a part of security issues. This article will surely help you to get rid of such kind ofproblem by providing appropriate solution.

First Solution : PhpMyAdmin

Step 1: Login into cPanel, where you’ll see the phpMyAdmin option, just under the Databases. Click on that option.

Step 2: Then, you have to choose the WordPress Database of yours.
Step 3: Check the wp_users option and click on the Browse option.

Step 4: Find out your Username and select the Edit option.

Step 5: In the menu, you can enter the new password in the user_pass block.

Step 6: After that select the dropdown menu option and select the MD5 from there.
Step 7: Now click on the Go option.
Now you are ready with password of your wordpress account. Again you are ready to enjoy the benefits of WordPress.

Second Solution : With the help of FTP

Step 1: Chiefly, enter into your FTP account via Login.
Step 2: Now move towards the “../wp-content/themes/(your active theme)/”, and get the functions.php file by downloading.