Lou Moria makes recyclable shoes using vacuum forming technology


Lou Moria crafted a pair of sneakers that could be designed from a single piece of recyclable rubbery plastic in response to research on inexpensive shoes which involve a lot of different materials and complicated processes.

Moria says that in the new project she thought about shoe manufacturing and marketing in completely different way. Like the cheap shoes available in the market, Moria shoes too have short lifetime but they are crafted in less time from one material and technology and can be easily recycled as one piece.


The designer creates the shoes using vacuum forming technology.  A plastic sheet is heated until it softens and is draped over a mould inside the forming machine, a vacuum is applied, manipulating the material into the shape, finally, the mould is taken out once the plastic has cooled and firmed.

Once the sneakers are shaped, the extra material around the footwear needs to be removed and the top has to be chopped off so the foot can slip inside. Moria says that such shoes have their own packaging and just by opening the shoes are ready to use.


The chopped off material can be recycled and used to design some more shoes, which are available in different colors. A small hole is carved at the top of the sole so that the footwear can be hung up on your shoe shelves or on shop display.

Recyclable shoes formed from vacuum are a part of Moria’s project, which aims at designing alternate footwear and user interaction. If Moria’s shoes crafted from multiple canvas layers get dirty or torn, the user can cut off the layers and reuse them.



Via: Dezeen