Magpul’s first set of Ronin bikes finally hit the streets

Ronin 47

Magpul Industries started designing the initial Ronin Motorcycle in 2009 after the demise of the Buell brand. Now, this concept is brought to life through the design and manufacturing efforts of Ronin Motor Works as a limited release of 47 bikes. The Ronin bike which points to the movie 47 Ronin features a unique design that stands out among its competitors.

The Ronin 47 will be added to the group of 46 other bikes, each named after the legendary Ronin samurai warriors in the movie 47 Ronin. Each bike will have the warrior’s name engraved on itself as well as on the owner’s tool kit.

Only 12 bikes are released so far and they come in black and silver color scheme, with a price tag of $38,000 per unit. This is actually less than the cost of production. The next set of 10 bikes will include all-black Ronins, and sold at a higher price.

After that, there will be a release of 8, next 6, then 4, and then 2 motorcycles, and each set sports different color schemes and features. The last five Ronins, each one-off versions, are produced.

So, it’s great to see the Ronin concept coming to fruition for owners and enthusiasts. For more details regarding the features as well as images, visit The47.

Ronin 47-1

Ronin 47-2

Ronin 47-3

Ronin 47-4