Make July 4th a Memorable day by Building a Beer Rocket

Team Numb is known for designing and launching High Powered Rockets for over 15 years. This kickstarter project started in 2008, when a group of Portland beer lovers successfully launched and recovered their first single-stage keg rocket. This was an 11 ft tall, 350 lb rocket and the payload was 15-gallon beer.

 Beer Keg Rocket
That keg beer was sent over 6,200 feet into the air. In 2012, they again sent the beer keg over 7,700 ft on a bigger motor and a more refined design.


This time the Portlanders are anticipating a final attitude of close to 20,000 ft and a tp speed of over 650 MPH. The total cost of the project is over $3,500. Another interesting fact about this project is that these guys are getting free kegs of beer to launch on rockets. They’re planning to launch a 5-gallon Corny keg in the first stage and a full 15-gal keg of Portland’s high-quality beer at the second stage.

Obviously, one would feel that buying a keg would be better than assembling a rocket powerful enough to launch a 15-gallon keg into air. But think outside the box, drinking always is more fun when beer is free and technology is involved.