Make your own DIY Robotic arm at home

DIY robotic arm

[Jjshortcut] has designed a robot arm that support 6 degrees of movement. The project is very easy and can be made easily at home. It is too simple, the frame is crafted from 4mm thick hardboard, hobby servos power the robot arm and a couple of tools hold it together. The frame is perfectly cut using a laser cutter and a CNC router, making the design appealing to any aspiring roboticist.

[JJshortcut] uses a standard Arduino to control the motion of the robot arms. Although, there are a variety of servo motor shields available, he decided to design his own. In addition to the standard motor power and servo connections, the design includes an infrared receiver for potential future communication options.

Like in any project, the robot arm had to undergo several tests before arriving at the final design. First, the gripper was tested several times to get the correct tooth profile that resulted in smooth and tight movement. Also, while crafting the shield, the spacing between banks of headers came out one header too close. To fix this, JJshortcut just bent the pins so they would fit into the Arduino.

Jjshortcut has made all his mechanical and electronic files available so that any aspiring roboticist can try this at home. Watch the video below for DIY robot arm tutorial.

Via: Hackaday