Security Awareness : Malware is Everywhere[Infographic]

It seems you can stumble upon a malware-infected web site with little safety. Everywhere from web logs to medical sites and even “adult” web sites carries the risk of infection, with the United States as the most commonly infected country.

Caution has never been more necessary in the internet of this day and age. Make sure you’re aware of who’s sending you an attachment in an e-mail, as well as what that attachment really is. Make sure your computer’s operating system and internet browser are up to date. Lastly, make sure to use secure passwords with websites you visit, making sure that none overlap (you don’t want to be the unlucky person who gets hacked because the login password to their pizza place is the same as your bank’s).

Security Awareness
Infographic authored by Inspired eLearning, your source for security awareness training materials.