Manage your health with iPhone and Air Scale enabled by Bluetooth

When you think of health, it is almost always linked to weight. And weighing scales have almost become obsolete and old fashioned. Plus there are so cumbersome to carry around. Speaking of weight and health, imagine if there were some way you can have scale without lugging around all that equipment? Well now there is – we present to you Air Scale. This will spur iPhone users to stay physically active and follow an exercise regime to stay fit. This way managing your weight and health is easier.

1- iPhone and Air Scale enabled by Bluetooth

3- iPhone and Air Scale enabled by Bluetooth

Air Scale is essentially a Bluetooth enabled scale for measuring weight. This will enable you to manage weight easily via your iPhone. It works with all iPhones including iPhone 5, you can also use this scale with iPad, iPod Touch and other similar gizmos via Bluetooth. This Air Scale will link up with iPhone utilizing Bluetooth. Once connected this with the aid of an application will measure and store the weight of the user.

4- iPhone and Air Scale enabled by Bluetooth

5- iPhone and Air Scale enabled by Bluetooth

Once weight is recorded then the Air Scale will display a graph of changes if any, in weight and BMI (Body Mass Index). You can get updates on a yearly, 6 monthly, monthly or even once in every 7 days by setting it as required. The physical dimensions of the Air Scale are – it measures 18cm x 24.3 centimeters and weighs around 740g. The Air Scale use 4 batteries (AAA). You can check out the video to see how it works.

6- iPhone and Air Scale enabled by Bluetooth

The new age and modern way of keeping track of your weight and changes if any, has now become much simpler and easier, not to mention less cumbersome. For a price of 7980 Yen or $ 80 approximately you can get this facility and keep a constant tab on your fitness. Given today’s lifestyles, this can be a very useful thing indeed.

Via : Takaratomy/Damngeeky