Managing Your Digital Assets [Infographic]

How much time do you spend each week searching for files on your computer or requesting documents for collaborative projects with your coworkers?  If you’re like most people, entirely too long.  There is a way to manage your digital assets more efficiently so you can utilize your time better.  Digital asset management software can help your company not only manage files, stock photos, and presentations more efficiently, but it can also help you track licenses and fees and collaborate more freely on projects.

Most companies waste both time and money searching for, converting, and sharing files.  Digital Asset Management software can help minimize these expenditures.  The average company wastes over $10,000 a year mismanaging digital assets, and the average person spends over two hours a week searching for digital assets.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a hefty startup cost, both in dollars and in time spent training staff, to implementing DAM software.  But these costs can be recouped rather quickly over time, adding to your company’s bottom line.  Learn more about the return on investment from digital asset management software from this infographic.  You might be surprised just how much time and money your organization is wasting!

Managing Your Digital Assets