Maru’s Mac Pro Customized Table helps you neatly organize your gadgets

As our devices are getting a fresh look, our furniture too needs it. We’ve come across tables that are exclusively designed to house our gadgets. in other words the table has been crafted in such a way where we can safely store and charge our gadgets in specially designed slots, as opposed to keeping the desk cluttered.

Mac Pro Customized Table

When it comes to our desktop computers, they too deserve our care and love. Well, if you are a Mac Pro user, you are likely to be interested to learn that architect Takara Maru has designed a special desk in which it will have specific slots for all kinds of gadgets including the Mac Pro as you can see in the image above.

Mac Pro Customized Table

The concept behind such designs is to keep the desk neatly organized, although some think that it is to hide the looks of the Mac Pro from the user. But it is not clear that Maru is interested in creating more customized desks and selling them.

Mac Pro Customized Table Who-are-you-calling-trashy-640x426