CES 2014: Massive Audio announces replica of a Dalek

Massive Audio, a car speaker company has built a 6-foot tall replica of a Dalek. Dalek is made up of speaker componets and it includes 32 woffers along with the bottom. It has a huge sub-woofer of 5000 watts inside the head of a design.
According to Massive’s Bill Wyko, who built this technology

“The most difficult part was building the skirt that has all the speakers in it,” “There are about six angles that go in different directions on each panel, so the it’s very difficult to calculate the speaker positioning.”


photo credit : mashable

You can play songs from any of your smartphone and tablet in Dalek. Massive Audio is also making a app from which you can control this machine. A pair of massive batteries powers Dalek. The Masive Audio estimates the 926-pound monstrosity cost $25,000 to build. Although it was not fully ready in the time of CES but company plans to launch it in 2014.