Meet Jimmy, who might be be the first humanoid robot in you house!

Intel has designed this open source 3D printed robot and it was announced in Re/Code’s tech conference that the robot would be available for the consumers by the end of the year. The robot is white, two feet tall and is named Jimmy.

Jimmy is a friendly robot that can walk and do all the things a robot is capable of. For instance, he can translate languages, send tweets, serve you beer and even sing! As it an open source robot, the plans are available to people so they can build their own robot at home.

Meet Jimmy: An Open Source Biped Robot From Intel

Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich announced that Jimmy was the first robot from the 21st Century Robot project. He was accompanied by Jimmy on stage at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Then the robot introduced itself and waved its arms.

Jimmy is described by Intel as a research robot which is a less sophisticated version of the adorable droid. Although the 3D printing blueprints will be available for free, you will have to purchase a kit to construct the robot. The kit from Intel will be available by the end of the year for $1600.

The kit, which will be available for sale on, contains all parts of Jimmy which cannot be printed like the wires, motors, processor, battery and more.

When you get yourself a Jimmy, you can get it to perform unique tasks and later share your discoveries with other Jimmy owners. The robot was created by Brian David Johnson, Intel’s resident futurist. He compares Jimmy to a smartphone with customisable apps.

In an Intel blog post, he quoted the following:

“What’s so exciting about the open source model is the public gets involved in developing this first generation of crowdsourced, consumer robots. We all get a say in what they do, and together we will come up with far more ideas, more innovation, and more creativity”.

Right now, Jimmy can’t do anything much than the mentioned singing and talking. But as it is open sourced, tech savvy sort of geeks will get their hands on Jimmy and develop it. Who knows? Intel might as well be introducing the first humanoid robots you’ll be seeing in people’s houses.
Enjoy the video below :